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Hutchinson Associates
P.O. Box 656
St. Joseph, MN 56374

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Hutchinson Associates - ha!

Educational and entertaining programs designed to meet your objectives and in a format that works for you: Inspirational keynotes speeches – openings & closings for conferences and company events, retreats, workshops, celebrations, wellness programs, networking sessions, appreciation events, and company picnics.


Programs Offered

Keynote Speaker

  • Humor and Stress Management: Joke-jitsu and Tongue-fu
  • Lighten Up: Healthy Humor in the Workplace
  • Grand Games for Grown-ups: Ice Breakers and Energizers
  • Choose Your Attitude
  • Effective Communication
  • Living in Balance
  • Time Management

Motivational Training

  • TeamWorks: Learning From the Fun of It
  • Make Their Day: Delighting Your Customers
  • Seeing Conflict as an Opportunity
  • Leading While Building Diverse Teams

Ask About Our Different Approach to Diversity

The Avatar®  Course is for your individual personal & professional development, which includes laughing yourself happy.

I am licensed to deliver the Avatar Course to individuals. It is the most powerful self-development course I've experienced.

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